I was born and raised in New England, surrounded by and enamored with the color and texture of the region; creamy snow-covered farmland that fades seamlessly into an overcast sky, evergreen trees that grow like stubble on the face of a mountain, grainy sand punctuated by smooth stones buffed for years by waves crashing, and of course, the vibrant kaleidoscope of autumn leaves along with the  energy changing seasons bring to the northeast. 

My inspiration comes from nature's beauty, and my storytelling is a product of growing up in a large family, surrounded by music, motion, and most importantly, laughter. 

I learned photography while studying broadcast journalism at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. The stories that moved me most could be caught in one image - singular moments and gestures that left a mark.

My style is heavily influenced by these moments, whether they capture one day-in-the-life or a once-in-a-lifetime day. I believe that our lives are made up of moments, and when we intentionally slow down to observe them, we give thanks for what we have and celebrate how far we've come. I think that's magic, and I'd love to make magic with you.

- Rory McCann

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